What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time the camera view of your smartphone or tablet.

Does AR Move Business Metrics?

The more time that people spend engaged with a catalog or brand, the more likely they are to buy something!

Consumers are busier than ever, and it takes something innovative and surprising. The wide range of AR mechanics and the endless opportunities to integrate with different content types and technologies mean that there is always room to create immersive experiences that surprise and delight consumers.

Moosejaw released an AR campaign built by Marxent based around their holiday apparel catalog and received a 62% increase in sales during the first weekend of its release.

Nexos Magazine created an AR campaign to increase ad revenue and experienced a 20% overall increase from advertisers in the fall along with an increase in reader involvement.

AR can add a memorable dimension to branding and consumer shopping experiences. Businesses are able to create standout AR experiences that drive real results. An apparel company enhanced their holiday catalog with AR and experienced a 62% increase in sales within the first week of the catalogs release.

How Do Consumers Use it?

You would simply launch the free app “Junaio” or have CCS build an AR reader into an existing app, scan a dedicated QR code or have the QR code built into the reader, hold your smartphone up to scan the picture in the ad and watch the print ad come to life. Unlike regular QR codes, AR is flexible. Each AR has an interactive user interface that can toggle between digital 3D designs, video content and audio, with clear call to actions directed towards social media links or websites.

Examples of How to Use AR

Because augmented reality can be used in print to offer further information about a company, venue or special, a publication can charge for it like they would with advertising. Here are some examples of how businesses can use augmented reality…

Restaurants and Bars:

Enhance ads with specials, coupons or a video of an awesome bar scene at peak hours. This enhancement can be charged for as an upgrade to a regular space advertisement.

Hotels, Music Venues and Spas:

Use augmented reality to not only advertise one picture of their space or offers, as print formerly offered, but create a video that shows off the entire area or the whole menu of specials. Make it interactive


Any ad that was formerly perceived to be better on television than in print can now be easily attached to a print ad, offering businesses double the value for their print . This video attachment to the print via augmented reality is not only better for a comprehensive understanding for the consumer, but it is also getting more value out of the cost of production for the original commercial. By not only using the commercial on TV or on the website or blog, and putting it as an attachment to a magazine ad, not only does the company get even more value out of the commercial that they’ve already paid to produce, but it also appears “in the know” about current technology.

Editorial Content:

By incorporating mobile augmented reality into editorial content, readers can unlock behind-the-scenes video, special discounts and deals, and much, much more–just by pointing their device at the page! This not only offers a unique opportunity to mobilize content for readers, but allows publishers and marketing material to make the pages come to life with easily accessible content that adds a voice, a personality…something extra.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost to enter is considerably less than our competitors. Cornerstone Creative Solutions is the only company focusing on creating augmented reality applications for medium and small business. Most one off augmented reality experiences will range between $600 - $1500 USD on average. As an example all of the AR applications showcased in our AR video are within this cost range. By utilizing the free AR Reader “Junaio”, businesses are able to spend a fraction of the cost that big box retailers spend, while delivering the same level of AR advertising and marketing capabilities.

If your business does not want to use a generic app and you are looking towards building a custom company branded app that will utilize AR capabilities, CCS costs range between $20,000 - $25,000 USD on average.

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