Award Winning Design Team

AAF ADDY award winning design team.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Our editors can provide varying levels of edits - from spot checking to full line-by-line editing.

Page Design/Layout

Cornerstone artists will take your finished manuscripts and turn them into print ready Indesign or PDF files.



From technical or medical illustrations to children's books - our artists can do it all (and in timely fashion!)

Cover Design

We offer highly polished cover designs. Using just a brief summary of the title, our artists can create a relevant, appealing cover.

ePub Production

ePub conversion is a snap with our talented staff. Just give us the raw materials, and we churn out a finished "camera-ready" ePub.


Augmented Reality

This exciting feature is ideal for illustrated books. By scanning a quick response code (QR) with a smart phone or tablet, the reader can view a 3d animated scene that corresponds with that page.

Website Design

We can deliver fully customized "one-off" designs that are SEO friendly or offer you a templated solution for your clients.

Press Releases

Our creative content writers have years of experience drafting and disseminating press releases.



Have hundreds of handwritten pages that need to be converted into a digital format? Not a problem!


Need help expressing your idea in words? Maybe you just don't have the time it takes to develop a compelling manuscript. Our top notch ghostwriters can help.